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Life with Jam (Part 3)

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The three of us with Dad on Christmas morning ('92 or '93?)

The three of us with Dad on Christmas morning (’92 or ’93?)

Holidays are always great fun when you have sisters.  Our most memorable Halloween is still the one where Jam wanted to dress up like Smurfette, complete with blue makeup.  I was Tinker Bell that year and had cardboard wings.  That was also the one year we had to ride the bus to school, as they were building the high school and didn’t want us walking through construction.  Jam and I hated riding the bus.  We were the last stop, so we always had to sit in the far back, where a bunch of older boys would tease us the whole way to school.  They were especially mean when we showed up in our costumes, as Jam had a blue face and I had my jacket on backwards so my wings could stick out the back.

Deb didn’t care for that year of school either.  She came to pick us up from school at one time, and they sent her to the principal’s office for walking through the construction zone.  Deb just rolled her eyes, as she was in high school and said an elementary principal couldn’t do anything to her.

Thanksgiving always involved Mom and Deb cooking in the kitchen while Jam and I watched the Macy’s parade, usually while peeling potatoes.  Deb hated peeling potatoes.  I always preferred baking, so Jam and I would make the pies.  We always had to have an apple pie along with the pumpkin pies, as that was our favorite.  Sometimes Mom wanted mincemeat pie, but she either had to buy it or make it herself.  We both hated mincemeat pie.

In later years, Deb got a job in Topeka, so we got the brilliant idea to have Thanksgiving at her house so she and Mom could use two kitchens.  Jam and I would drive over to Deb’s house in our blue Chevy Lumina the day before so we could make the pies and help with cleaning.  Deb always was pretty bossy and loved making us clean her house.  The first time we did this, we got stuck behind an old truck and made up the following song.

Driving down the road…behind a pickup truck

He’s going really slow…oh what rotten luck

We gotta get to Deb’s…or she will have our heads.

If we don’t make the apple pies…they’ll make mincemeat instead!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way

Oh what fun it is to drive an old blue Chevrolet

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way

Oh what fun it is to drive an old blue Chevrolet!

Naturally, Christmas was our favorite time of year.  All three of us loved poking at the gifts under the tree, trying to guess what they were.  We nearly always got gifts in sets of three, so after one of us opened her gift, the other two figured out what we were getting.  This later became sets of two, as Deb outgrew the desire to have stuffed animals or dolls as a gift.  One of the most annoying sets was when Jam and I got hairclips that played music when you pushed them.  Jam’s was black and mine was green and they each played different Christmas songs.  We had a great time driving Deb crazy with those.

Another time, Jam and I spent Christmas Eve playing with a tape recorder.  We loved that thing and had often listened to songs from Sesame Street on it.  We made the following recording, but have since lost the cassette tape it was on.  Not that we could find anything to play it on these days anyway.

It was a dark and stormy night.  The wind is howling and the house is moaning.  For this is the night of Halloweeeeeen!….Wait a minute, I made a mistake.  This is Christmas Eve!



Author: amandachwa

I am an English teacher living in Thailand with my Lisu husband (a Thai citizen) and our children, ages 10, 4, and 18 months.

One thought on “Life with Jam (Part 3)

  1. And then there was the time when you forgot to put the sugar in the pie….

    Memorable Christmas presents and memories:

    When we all got Cabbage Patch dolls

    When you got a basketball hoop (I think that was to you and Jam)

    When you got a toy box and I could hear Mom and Dad putting it together all night long

    When we went to Colorado for Christmas and got to go sledding and build a snowman

    When we went to Utah for Christmas and everyone got sick.

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