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Life with Jam (Part 4)

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By virtue of age, Jam and I were more of a twosome on a quest to drive Deb nuts.  Deb was more of a second mother and regular babysitter, not to mention bossy.  We used to go downstairs on Saturday mornings to watch Pee Wee’s Playhouse in the family room, which was right next to Deb’s bedroom.  Deb was always livid when she had to wake up to…


Dynamics changed when Deb left for college.  On one of our visits to her, she looked up at Jam (literally) and said, “How dare you get taller than me!”  Then when she would come home, she’d call out, “It’s big sister!”  I would then run down and give her my version of a flying football tackle.

When Deb graduated, she decided to pursue a masters degree while living at home.  This was when we really became sisters more than just underlings.  Jam and I were in high school and Deb introduced us to the coolest thing ever…the internet.  She had to use it for her degree program, so we were some of the first kids at school to use email.  We shared an email account and called it Jamanda.

Deb also showed us a great new card game called Nerts.  The three of us would play it on Saturday nights while listening to Night on the Town, a radio program that played Broadway and film music.  Jam would keep score on an old chalkboard she still had and we even had several “invisible” players in the game in case on of us got stuck.  To this day, we can’t listen to Broadway music without thinking it’s not the same without a card game.  Nor can we play cards without missing the music in the background.

Another Christmas tradition was watching the movie White Christmas.  Not only did we love Bing Crosby, but we always liked singing the Sisters song together.  Another favorite was Meet Me in St. Louis, since it has four sisters in it.  When Frozen came out, Jam told me it was a great sister movie as well, but as I now have boys, I’ve never been able to watch it.  They’re far too interested in superhero films.





Author: amandachwa

I am an English teacher living in Thailand with my Lisu husband (a Thai citizen) and our children, ages 10, 4, and 18 months.

One thought on “Life with Jam (Part 4)

  1. Thanks for the great memories!

    jamandeb was our shared e-mail name…

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