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Life with Jam (Part 6)

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For those of you who don’t know, Jam passed away on Saturday morning.  It was evening over here and Mom used Skype to call my cell phone, as we were up in the village.  Little Ben actually cried.

Ben also said, “Auntie Jam is happy but the rest of us are sad.”

Auntie Jam is happy that she doesn’t have to suffer from cancer anymore.

She’s happy she no longer walks on a crooked foot with a metal plate in her ankle.

She’s happy she no longer needs corrective lenses, as everyone in heaven has perfect vision.

She’s happy she no longer has high-frequency hearing loss.

But most of all, she’s happy because she’s with Jesus.  

And while the rest of us are sad, we also have a few things to smile about.

Like the fact that Jam left behind absolutely no debt.  When our Uncle Frank died, Dad had to send all his creditors a death certificate so they would stop calling about this debts.  But Jam actually learned something from Dad.  She only used her credit card for gas and paid it off every month.  My parents will be able to use her assets for the memorial service without any financial strain.  

She also left behind some great memories.  We’re currently going through pictures for the slideshow and found quite a few we had forgotten about.  Like the one of all three of us in bathing suits in Florida…and we’re actually skinny! (Sorry, but this photo will NOT be included in the slideshow.  My Thai husband would kill the rest of the family if they allowed a picture of his wife in swimwear to be displayed in public).

They also found the picture of Jam at the grand piano at our local Carnegie Arts Center, where she would have her piano recitals.  That was the time she played The Entertainer, which she spent months practicing and learning to play.

We found a great picture of her with Lady, our big yellow lab.  Lady was the dog we had the longest and also the dog that scared the neighborhood boys so they stopped bothering us.  They also stopped playing baseball so they wouldn’t have to fetch the foul balls out of our yard.

They still need to find the picture of her falling down during the ski trip.  I risked life and limb taking that one.  But at least I have the picture of us walking Stacy, Mom’s basset hound.  Stacy actually died of cancer too.




Author: amandachwa

I am an English teacher living in Thailand with my Lisu husband (a Thai citizen) and our children, ages 10, 4, and 18 months.

One thought on “Life with Jam (Part 6)

  1. Thank you Amanda for sharing precious memories of Jamie with us and those cherished moments in your family’s life. Janine

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