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Life with Jam (Part 7)

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Jam was always the good one, well-behaved and never got into trouble.  I was the one getting into trouble (and Deb usually the one getting blamed).

But Jam had her moments too.

When I was a baby, there was a time that Jam stepped on me (not that I actually remember this).  Dad then chased her down the hall and gave her a spanking, which makes me believe she did it on purpose.

Another time, the two of us teamed up and managed to break a clock.  I don’t remember this either, but Deb certainly does.  Mom insisted that Jam and I were too small to have broken the clock, so Deb was the one who got in trouble for it.  Most likely, Jam was using her puppy-dog eyes on Mom to show how innocent she was.


Jam did have lovely big brown eyes, but she always had to hide them behind glasses.  And when she was a kid, she HATED her big thick brown glasses.  I think she also got picked on at school for those glasses.  She finally got fed up enough to leave them out in the yard.  We had a black and white beagle named Aspen at the time, and he happily chewed those glasses up for her.


But for the most part, Jam was one who wanted to play it safe, follow the rules, have a routine.  She actually would have fit in very well over in Thailand, where everything follows tradition.  When I first came over to work here, people would ask me who was at home taking care of my parents.  After all, the Thai retirement plan is to make sure your kids will take care of you, usually in exchange for you babysitting your grandkids.  So I told them Jam was at home with Mom and Dad, so I was free to work in Thailand.  They found this to be acceptable, although they found it terribly strange that my other sister was unmarried and lived alone in her own house.


I’m beginning to think little Johnny will be a lot like Jam.  He’s going to be the middle child (although he was our firstborn, we took in Ben, who is older) and has a tendency to be a quiet child.  Sometimes I find the house to be too quiet and wonder where Johnny has gone.  Just yesterday, I went to wake Johnny up to find he wasn’t in bed.  I then found him in the kitchen, quietly looking around for something to eat.


Yes, little Johnny will be a lot like Jam.



Author: amandachwa

I am an English teacher living in Thailand with my Lisu husband (a Thai citizen) and our children, ages 10, 4, and 18 months.

One thought on “Life with Jam (Part 7)

  1. Jamie also never liked to clean her glasses, and they often had a film of peanut butter on them. This must have been why Aspen found them so tasty.

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