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Thailand Spouse Visa: Everything we needed

After THREE trips to the immigration office we finally got my visa paperwork filled out.  One reason for this is that there is no LIST of ALL the documents a person may possibly need.  We kept getting sent back home (3 hours away) to get documents copied or modified for their requirements.  So I am going to write a list for our own reference and also for others in this situation.  This should help us and those hard-working immigration officials a great deal if we don’t have to keep doing multiple visits.


TWO copies of everything.  They keep one in the regional office and send the other to Bangkok.

The application

A recent visa photo (no less than 6 months)

The pages of you passport (you can just bring two copies of all of them with stamps, just to be safe)

– front page

– page with your original visa

– page with your departure card

– page from when you originally entered

– page with your re-entry permit (if you used one)

Your OLD passport front page (we bring along my old passport just in case)

Your OLD passport page with your original visa (if it was in an old passport)

Marriage certificate with your Thai spouse

Birth certificate of your Thai children

Your spouse’s house book (you don’t have to be living at this particular house, it just needs to be fully owned by your spouse or his/her family and have all of you listed in it)

– front page with address

– page listing you under the house book

– pages listing your children under the house book

Rental agreement (if you happen to be renting)

FOUR pictures of you at your house, inside and outside – 2 copies of each

– Must be the house you are living in (as in the rental house)

– pictures must have you in them

– pictures may include your spouse and kids

– pictures may NOT include anyone else

A map to your house (the one you are living in)

Your spouse’s ID card

If you are male, they may also want your bank record to prove your income.  If you are female, they will interview your husband and ask for his income, but do not ask for yours.  Very patriarchal society.

Please note that if any of you needed anything else you’d like to add to this list, please let us know so I can update this page.  I’m hoping it will help others who are married to Thai citizens with the visa process.