Amanda's Epistle

The continuing story of my life in Thailand

Help the Lisu

My husband is from the Lisu Hilltribe, which has people in China, Burma, India and Thailand. The Lisu in our area are among the poorest in the world, living on less than $1 a day. We help them with farming projects, education, and teaching them about God.

Recently, we found out the leading cause of death among children in the world is diarrhea, which is caused by drinking bad water. Thailand, as a whole, does not have clean drinking water. Everyone here drinks bottled water. People in the city can have a water service deliver bottled water to their homes.

People in the village do not have this option. They have to boil their water. But this doesn’t clean the water fully. A lot of them still get sick and a good number of villagers have kidney problems due to their drinking water not being clean.

And so we have “Operation Living Water”, in which we are putting a high-quality water filter into each of the Lisu villages in our area. We’ve put in four so far, but we have a long way to go. Each filter is $1200 and we depend on donations in order to purchase them.


You can help purchase a water filter for a Lisu village with no clean water supply. You can make a donation at the website below and designate it to “water filter.”

You can also make out a check to New Mission Systems Intl. and put “Wongnirattisai-water filter” in the memo line. (Wongnirattisai is our real last name. Chwa is our Lisu clan and my preferred name on the Internet.) Mail checks to the address below.

New Mission Systems Intl.
2701 Cleveland Ave. Suite 200
Ft. Myers FL 33901

New Mission Systems International honors preference of gifts given,
and in accordance with IRS regulations, retains discretion and control over their use.


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